Tegan Hendershot

Tegan has worked with Casto Communities property management services for three years, first in the office at Chestnut Hill and now as the assistant manager at The Ridge at Chestnut Hill.

“I couldn’t work in a cubicle. What I enjoy is face-to-face customer service. The residents stop in sometimes just to visit, and I also get to see the new babies in the community! It’s one of the nice things about working at a property this size — you build relationships.”

West Virginia University is her alma mater, but she grew up in the Columbus area and returned here after graduation. Her parents are still here, and she has two brothers, one living in New York City and the other in St. Augustine, Fla. Great places to visit, she says, and when she’s not working, Tegan does enjoy travel — especially to warmer climates.

Tegan says that along with travel, she appreciates the quieter side of life as well: “I’m a homebody and like spending time with family and friends—having dinner, going to a movie or just hanging out.”

When asked to name something special that has happened while working here, she thought for moment, and then lit up with a smile…a resident couple named their new baby daughter after her!